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     Handan Lande atomization equipment Co. Ltd is  design, manufacture of water atomization equipment, gas atomization equipment specialized factory.The professor of University of mechanical design, electronics, materials and other professional as the core research team, set production, learning and research, as a whole, constantly absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology and process, the successful launch of the high-pressure water atomization equipment; vacuum gas atomization equipment; research and noble metal with atomization equipment; industrial automation of complete sets of equipment; IGBT medium frequency power supply, smelting, medium frequency heating equipment, widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobile industry, aerospace and metal injection molding, friction materials, oil bearings, structural parts, many areas of diamond tools and other powder metallurgy.Especially in the manufacturing industry of copper powder, nickel powder, iron powder, stainless steel powder, nickel iron powder, alloy powder and other metal powders are used more widely.For a number of domestic and foreign well-known large-scale enterprises, scientific research institute provides induction heating and atomization equipment of different specifications and technical performance.Product performance and reliable, high efficiency and energy saving, complete specifications, and can be customized according to special requirements of users.

     Company location -- Handan, is China's historical and cultural city, many cultural relics, and many historical stories and beautiful legends from here: Zhao Wuling Wang Yuebing, Lin Xiangru to enter lane, Tai Po Road Lu Sheng sleeping pipe dream......Permeated with full-bodied flavor of ancient Zhao culture.We sincerely welcome you to Handan tourism, welcome you to visit our company guidance, negotiate business.