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The milling process.
   Metal powder is the basic material of powder metallurgy industry, widely used in machinery manufacturing, chemical industry, electronics, automotive, aerospace and other fields, the final quality of powder properties directly affect the product.With the development of economy, the needs of all walks of life to the metal powder is more and more big, the water atomization technology and equipment demand is more and more important.Our company for existing in the application of domestic milling device, absorption of foreign products of the same kind technology developed for the atomization, make our country with complete sets of equipment, to solve the key technical problems of atomization
   Water atomization method for producing metal powder process: first, the metal or alloy in induction furnace melting, refining, melting metal liquid into the heat preservation crucible, the liquid metal flow pipe flow along the process of ultra high pressure water through the nozzle, the liquid metal broken into many small metal droplets, droplet and fine in flight the surface tension and water to rapid cooling forms spherical or irregular shape particles, metal particles after atomization atomization tower in coagulation, settlement, and finally fall into separate collection, powder collecting tank.Moreover, through different parameters adjustment milling process, metal powder can get all kinds of particle size distribution and morphology, so as to better meet the machinery manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and metal injection molding, friction materials, oil bearings, structural parts, diamond tools and other powder metallurgy fields and demand.
The high-pressure water atomization technology roadmap