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Ultra high pressure water spray

  • Ultra high pressure water spray

  Brief introduction:
    Atomization method is a new technology in recent years in the powder metallurgy industry development.It has the advantages of simple process, easy to master, technical material not easy oxidation, high degree of automation.Specific process is alloy (metal) in induction furnace melting, refining, melting into liquid metal heat preservation crucible, and enter into the guide tube and the nozzle, the melt flow is high pressure liquid (or gas flow) the atomization metal powder atomization of condensate in the spray tower of solid, settlement, and finally fall into collecting the separated dust tank.Widely used in atomized iron powder, copper powder, stainless steel powder, alloy powder and other non-ferrous metal milling field.Technology of manufacturing complete sets of equipment, equipment, iron copper silver alloy powder equipment, equipment is becoming more and more mature.
  High-pressure water atomization equipment use and principle:
     High-pressure water atomization device, is a device designed to meet the water atomization process in atmospheric conditions of production, is a kind of industrial production device.
The working principle of ultra high pressure water atomization device, refers to the atmospheric conditions of melting metal or metal alloy, in gas protection conditions, metal liquid in tundish, through the thermal insulation draft tube flow process, through the nozzle by ultra high pressure water flow will be broken into metal atomization of liquid metal droplets of fine, droplets during flight in a small surface tension and water to rapid cooling forms spherical or irregular shape particles, powder to achieve.
  High-pressure water atomization has the following characteristics:
   1, can be prepared in the vast majority of metal and alloy powder, and the production cost is low.
   2, can be prepared in spheroidal powder or irregular powder.
   3, due to the solidification rapidly without segregation phenomenon, and can produce many special alloy powder.
   4, by adjusting the appropriate process, can make the powder size to achieve a required range.
  High-pressure water atomization device structure:
    High-pressure water atomization (granulation) device structure consists of the following parts:
Smelting system, spray system, inert gas protection system, ultra high pressure water system, powder collecting drying system, screening system, cooling water system, PLC control system, platform, etc..
    1, smelting system:
In fact is a multifunctional induction melting furnace, it has: housing, induction coil, a temperature measuring device, tilting mechanism, tundish consists of several parts: housing is a frame structure, is made of carbon steel and stainless steel, installed in the middle of the induction coil, crucible placement of induction coil, can be melted and cast.Tundish is installed in the nozzle system for storing liquid, molten metal, and heat insulation effect, it is smaller than the crucible smelting system, intermediate ladle furnace heating system, temperature measurement system of their own.The heating system heat furnace, a resistance heating, gas heating and induction heating in three ways, resistance heating temperature can reach 900 ℃, gas heating and induction heating temperature of 1200 DEG C or higher, but the reasonable selection of crucible materials.
   2, the atomization system:
     The atomization system consists of atomization barrel,nozzle,high pressure pipes valves,etc.

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