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Vacuum gas atomization

  • Vacuum gas atomization

A vacuum atomization equipment use and principle
Vacuum atomization device, is a device designed to meet the research and production of atomization process under vacuum conditions.
Principle of vacuum atomization device, is under a vacuum smelting metal or metal alloy, in gas protection conditions, metal liquid in tundish, through the thermal insulation draft tube flow process, through the nozzle by high-pressure air metal atomization of liquid metal droplets of broken into tiny, tiny droplets during flight in surface tension to form spherical and coagulated particles, achieve the purpose of milling.
Two, the vacuum atomization has the following characteristics
1, can be prepared by the vast majority of not metal and alloy powder is manufactured in the neutralizing water atomization method of air.
2, can prepare spherical powder.
3, due to the solidification rapidly without segregation phenomenon, and can produce many special alloy powder.
4, by adjusting the appropriate process, can make the powder size to achieve a required range.
Three, the vacuum atomization device structure
Vacuum atomization device structure consists of the following parts:
Smelting system, spray system, vacuum system, gas pressure and gas supply system, powder material grading collecting system, cooling water system, PLC control system, platform, etc..
1, smelting system:
Is actually a multi-function vacuum induction melting furnace, it has a shell, an induction coil, charging temperature measuring device, windows, tilting mechanism, tundish consists of several parts: housing is a closed vacuum container, a double-layer structure, the inner wall of the outer wall is made of stainless steel, carbon steel, the middle pipe cooling; temperature measuring device is the package the temperature of the metal solution measuring melting crucible temperature and intermediate; windows in the whole process, observation of the furnace; induction coil is melting crucible for core, induction coil, can be melted and cast.Tundish is installed in the nozzle system for storing liquid, molten metal, and heat insulation effect, it is smaller than the crucible smelting system, and elongated structure, intermediate ladle furnace heating system, temperature measurement system of their own.The heating system heat furnace, a resistance heating and induction heating in two ways, resistance heating temperature can reach 1000 ℃, induction heating temperature of 1500 DEG C or higher, but the reasonable selection of crucible materials.
4, the vacuum system:
Vacuum system is the working medium access device of vacuum environment, it according to the vacuum requirements and volume to configure different vacuum unit.Can be equipped with rotary vane pump, plunger pump, roots pump and diffusion pump, connected through a vacuum pipeline, pneumatic vacuum valve and the furnace body, spray deposition tank level, level two or three grade pump.
5, the atomization system:
The atomization system consists of atomization barrel, nozzle, high pressure pipe, valve etc..
6, dust collector:
In the milling process some superfine powder, along with the high speed airflow along the pipeline to fly out, if not treated, one is the pollution to the environment, two is a waste of the material, so it must be recovered, the recovery of the method is through a cyclone separator, and by not collection to

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